What code to dial to recharge Airtel sim with a…

How do I recharge with coupon card in India?
Where we have to scratch and text the code in India?
Which number do I need to call to recharge my coupon in India??

Highly asked questions over the internet but least answered i guess, as i had to spend a considerable amount of time to find the correct one. A few which i found were incorrect or not applicable. Here is it:

*130*<16 digit coupon code># and dial.

This is applicable to Airtel SIM in India. To recharge a world airtel SIM you can do the following:

“aws r <16 digit coupon code>” and send it to 58125 from your India airtel SIM. Or get your friend to buy it if you are abroad. Ask him to type “aws r <16 digit coupon code> <your 10 digit India airtel number>” and sms to 58125 from his airtel number.

You can post relevant codes for your service providers as a comment.


3 thoughts on “What code to dial to recharge Airtel sim with a…

  1. Thank you! This was really helpful. I am new to the AirTel. I just bought a recharge coupon and tried all sorts of numbers including the ones mentioned here (http://in.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110801233258AAAABmz) and at several other places. None of them worked, except, of course, yours! Thank you!

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